Ports in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu are to be expanded as hydrogen hubs

VO Chidambaranar (VOC) Port in Tamil Nadu and Deendayal Port in Gujarat are all set to be developed as hydrogen hubs to fuel the green fuel transition.

The Shipping Ministry has reportedly asked those two ports to also purchase hydrogen-powered “green tugs,” which are used to bring large ships to berths, officials with knowledge of the development said. The official said that Cochin Shipyard is in an advanced stage of developing environmentally friendly hydrogen-powered tugs.

“As part of the green tug transition program, Jawaharlal Nehru Port, Paradip Port, VOC Port and Deendayal Port will each purchase two green tugs. In addition, hydrogen hubs will be set up at the ports of VOC and Deendayal to speed up the transition to green fuel,” said a senior official who was aware of the development.

The Indian government aims to have two Indian ships powered by green hydrogen or fuels derived from it by 2027. Two more ships powered by green fuels are expected to be added each year.

Those plans are in line with India’s goals to decarbonize its ports under the 2023 Harit Sagar Green Port Guidelines, the official said.

The policy aims to minimize waste through “reduce, reuse, reuse and recycle” efforts to achieve zero waste discharge from port operations and encourage monitoring based on environmental performance indicators.

The Green Ports Policy paves the way for incentivising fleet owners to use trucks powered by compressed natural gas, LNG, electric or green hydrogen. The move aims to reduce the intensity of emissions in major ports.

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