Porter Launches Intercity Courier Service for Seamless Shipping Across India

Porter, one of India’s largest technology-based on-demand logistics companies, has announced the launch of its intercity courier services, which aim to transform the way goods are transported across the country.

This technology-enabled intercity delivery offering aims to simplify the logistics landscape by providing reliable, affordable and hassle-free doorstep pickup and delivery services to a wide range of customers, including SMEs and retailers, with no additional fees or minimum order requirements, including businesses and ordinary consumers.

Initially available for shipments weighing up to 20kg, the service will provide fast and safe transportation across India including Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Surat, Ahmedabad and Coimbatore, reaching a total of more than 19,000 shipments PIN codes. In the coming months, the company plans to increase its intercity courier capacity and expand to other Indian cities.

With the goal of “Making a billion dreams come true, one delivery at a time”, Porter Intercity enables its customers to ship goods between cities. The service aims to address the key pain points in the intercity logistics industry, including the lack of door-to-door pickup options and the need for affordable and reliable services.

Commenting on the announcement, Uttam Digga, COO and co-founder Porter said: “Our goal is to establish the same quality of efficiency and seamlessness in our intercity courier service as we have developed for our intracity logistics.”

There is real-time tracking updates and dedicated customer support to make the process smoother.

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