Port of Cochin to lease land for hospitality and logistics

Cochin Port Authority is leasing land on Willingdon Island and Vallarpadam for 30 years to establish commercial, industrial, hospitality and logistics businesses. The port authority has put out tenders for this. The Port leases four properties each on Willingdon Island and Vallarpadam.

“There are two properties of 1.0117 ha (2.50 acres) each on Willingdon Island that border the state highway in the tender. A property of 1.1660 ha (2.88 acres) and 1.6188 ha (4.00 acres) located approximately 200 m and 750 m from the National Highway, respectively, is also leased,” the port said in a statement.

In Vallarpadam, the property opposite the ICTT container terminal is being leased. The pitches are approximately 200m from the NH-966A.

“There are two properties of 2.0235 ha (5.00 acres) and 1.8211 ha (4.50 acres) for the development of container-related warehousing and logistics activities,” apart from a property of 0.6111 ha (1, 51 acres) for “port-related trade/logistics”. activities” and an additional 0.2023 ha (0.50 acres) for the establishment of sales outlets for LNG/CNG/other green vehicle fuels,” the press release reads.

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