P&O Ferries’ new hybrid ship arrives at Dover

P&O Ferries’ first new hybrid ship has arrived at Dover.

The company expects the ship, named Pioneer, to reduce fuel burn on the Dover-Calais crossings by 40% compared to the current fleet.

In its hybrid system, the batteries are charged by diesel generators.

Built in Guangzhou, China, the Pioneer will now conduct final sea trials before entering service on June 19.

P&O Ferries’ second hybrid ship, named Liberte, is expected to start operations towards the end of the year.

The ships, which cost a total of £230m, are set to be fully carbon neutral in the future.

To do so, they would have to charge their batteries in ports, which is currently not possible in Dover or Calais.

The ferries are double-ended and therefore do not have to be turned around for loading and unloading.

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