Peter Twiss, longtime President and CEO of Oldendorff Carriers, is stepping down Ship’s crew

After more than 20 years in this position and 28 years with the company, Peter Twiss has resigned from his position as President and CEO of the German-based shipping company Oldendorff Carriers with immediate effect. The company announced that he had decided to retire.

The company’s Board of Directors has appointed Patrick Hutchins as the new President and CEO.

Founded in 1921, Oldendorff Carriers specializes in the transport of bulk goods such as coal, iron ore, grain and fertilizers. The company operates a large fleet of bulk carriers, including self-unloading vessels. It is headquartered in Lübeck, Germany and has additional offices and operations in various countries around the world.

“Peter’s distinguished career began in 1995 at Concept Carriers, a start-up company founded by owner Henning Oldendorff as an operating arm with the aim of getting closer to cargo customers. Peter quickly rose through the ranks and after leading Concept Carriers in the late 1990s and being co-CEO of Oldendorff Carriers, he became its sole CEO in January 2003,” the company said in a statement.

“Peter introduced and cultivated a unique form of bottom-up management by empowering people to make their own decisions, which was tremendously motivating and made them strive for more. Last year, the company achieved the best result in its 102-year history and increased its shore-based workforce by around 10%. Based on that success, we became market leaders in several bulk businesses,” the company said.

At the time of Twiss’ departure, Oldendorff Carriers said Twiss “wanted to leave when everything was in order”.

“Timing is everything in shipping,” Twiss said. “Another main reason for leaving now is that I have trained and mentored many Oldendorff employees. They made me very proud and I want them to have the same opportunities I had when I was younger. By creating space at the top, it gives employees a chance to move up.”

“Thanks to Peter’s leadership and constant coaching, the company is in excellent shape and running at full speed. Peter chose this moment to hand over a robust company,” said CEO Henning Oldendorff. “For more than 25 years, Peter and I have enjoyed a close working relationship built on trust and friendship, for which I will always be grateful. Together with our employees and global board of directors, we have had countless adventures and weathered many storms. Peter will support and support the new CEO for as long as necessary.”

Patrick Hutchins, who will be moving to Germany, has looked after the commercial teams at Oldendorff Carriers for all trades and all different ship sizes, most recently as head of the Capesize segment. Hutchins has been with the company since October 1999 and became a founding member of the board in 2007.

“This handover is a celebration of the wonderful things that Peter Twiss has accomplished during his tenure as CEO at Oldendorff Carriers. He is leaving the company in the best of spirits and I truly believe we can build on his achievements to move the company forward,” said Hutchins.

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