ONDC aims to create jobs in logistics and supply chain

The government-backed Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) platform, which is making waves in the e-commerce space, has the potential to create a significant number of job opportunities across different sectors.

Aimed to capitalize on ONDC’s opportunities, last-mile logistics company Shadowfax recently announced that it will be hiring 10,000 new drivers and delivery partners. ONDC started its beta testing process in September last year with small retailers in 16 PIN codes in Bengaluru. The network now has 36,000 sellers, 35 network participants and 8 categories including Electronics, Household & Kitchen, and Food & Beverage.

“ONDC aims to empower small and local businesses by providing a level playing field and access to a larger customer base. This can stimulate grassroots entrepreneurship and job development, particularly in rural areas where the internet economy can bridge the urban-rural divide,” said Aditya Narayan Mishra, MD and CEO of CIEL HR Services. He added that there is a great opportunity for logistics companies as the platform has the potential to create job opportunities across the Indian economy. The platform will drive the digitization of smaller retailers and reduce the dominance of large players.

Kartik Narayan, CEO of TeamLease Services, said job demand is expected to increase in areas such as e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, logistics and supply chain management, IT and software development, data analytics and AI. “With the integration of ONDC, e-commerce platforms require professionals skilled in digital commerce network management, catalog management, data analysis, logistics coordination, customer care and digital marketing. The increasing digitization and connectivity enabled by ONDC will lead to an increase in demand for professionals specializing in logistics and supply chain management. This includes roles such as warehouse managers, inventory coordinators, transportation coordinators and last-mile delivery workers,” he explained.

HR experts said it was difficult to give an exact number of job openings ONDC could create. “Thousands of new jobs are expected to be created in e-commerce, logistics, IT and related sectors over the next one to five years. The exact figure depends on various factors including the speed of ONDC implementation, market acceptance and the overall growth of the e-commerce industry in India,” Narayan said. The development and maintenance of the ONDC infrastructure also requires skilled IT professionals, software developers and data scientists.

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