Northeast will soon have a multimodal logistics park: Nitin Gadkari

A multimodal logistics hub to emerge in Jogighopa, Assam, in the next few months would “mark a turning point for the Northeast,” Union Road and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said on Wednesday.

“The Brahmaputra is here. We’ll have an airport, there’s the national highway network, and there’s the railway. “It will be completed within two to three months,” Gadkari said.

The logistics park is being developed as part of the ambitious Bharatmala Pariyojana. It lies on the Brahmaputra River and facilitates transportation by water, road, rail and air.

The Multi-Modal Logistics Park at Jogighopa near the underdeveloped Inland Waterways Terminal covers 300 acres and will require a capital outlay of Rs.764 crore. Thanks to its strategic location 154 km west of Guwahati, it is also connected to Bhutan to the north and Bangladesh to the south via roads and waterways.

The logistics park will be equipped with multiple facilities such as warehouse, siding, cold storage, customs house, yard, workshops, gas pumps, truck parking lot, administration building, boarding house, grocery store, water treatment plant, etc. according to a report.

A four lane road will connect Jogighopa and Guwahati. A 3km railway line will connect it to the Inland Waterways Terminal while another road will connect it to the state’s newly developed Rupsi Airport near Dhubri.

The Department of Roads and Motorways has played a crucial role in the development of the North East. Besides the multi-modal logistics hub project, the ministry is currently in the process of implementing 260 cable car, ropeway and funicular proposals worth Rs 1.30 trillion.

“We are building 3 million rupees worth of roads in the north-east. This infrastructure will be very useful to accelerate socio-economic change in the region. We are changing the parameters… and I believe this will be a crucial change that will further develop the Northeast,” Gadkari said, adding that this will create more job opportunities in the region.

Of the 26 road-to-runway projects in India that will allow planes to make emergency landings, many are in the North East.

“Talk to the people there and they will tell you the success story of road infrastructure in the Northeast. As it is a hilly area, there are many problems,” explained the Minister for Roads and Motorways.

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