NMPA organizes a workshop on “Maritime Adversity” for its stakeholders.

New Mangalore Port successfully hosted a highly informative and insightful workshop on Maritime Adversity for its stakeholders today. The aim of the workshop is to increase the awareness and readiness of all stakeholders/port users for the challenges in the maritime industry and the strategies to mitigate potential adversity.

dr AV Ramana, Chairman of the NMPA, opened the August workshop in the presence of Shri KG Nath, Dy. Chairman, Shri PK Mishra, DIG Coast Guard NMPA, Captain LK Panda, Government Nautical Advisor. of India & Dr. RD Tripathi, Consultant, IPA. The event underscored the importance of taking proactive measures to address maritime adversities and stressed the need for a concerted effort within the industry.

The workshop was attended by two respected subject matter experts; Captain LK Panda, Former Government Nautical Advisor. of India and Dr. RD Tripathi, Consultant, IPA, will give informative presentations on a wide range of topics including; various processes and contingencies related to shipping, roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders, preventive measures, preparedness and crisis management in dealing with maritime adversities.

dr AV Ramana, Chairman of the New Mangalore Port Authority, addressed the gathering and stated, “We are delighted to have organized this Maritime Adversity Workshop, which brought together all stakeholders to address critical challenges facing the maritime industry. “ The discussions and insights shared during the event will undoubtedly contribute to the development of effective strategies to mitigate adversity and ensure the continued growth and resilience of our industry. The Chairman also spoke about various technological advances such as Vessel Traffic Management System and SOPs on roles and responsibilities of different departments and organizations, a database managed by the port in case of emergencies, etc.

The workshop met with an overwhelming turnout and received positive feedback from all stakeholders across the maritime community, who appreciated the initiative to host the workshop to raise awareness.

Captain SR Pattanayak, Assistant Conservator of the NMPA, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the distinguished assembly and speakers of the workshop.

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