New shipping company connects Egyptian and Yemeni ports

Egypt-based regional shipping company Transmar announced on July 12 the launch of a project aimed at linking Egypt’s port of Al-Adabiya with Yemen’s ports of Hodeidah and Aden.

The focus of the project is on the transport of refrigerated and dry cargo, including fruit, vegetables, dairy products and medicines.

Ahmed al-Ahwal, General Manager of Transmar was quoted as saying: “We are proud to support Egypt’s agricultural, food production and pharmaceutical sectors through the expansion of our refrigerated cargo service, which links Egypt with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates Emirates and now Yemen.”

“We have observed an increase in Egyptian agri-food exports over the last period and look forward to supporting Egyptian exporters to develop new markets with neighboring countries,” he added.

This new initiative aims to advance Egypt’s plans to increase its exports and increase foreign currency inflows into the country.

The Egyptian port of Al-Adabiya “offers numerous benefits to Egyptian exporters, helping them expand into the Yemeni market and other eastern destinations, and enabling Egyptian exporters to enter new global markets.” Egypt Daily News reported July 12.

Transmar’s containers “ensure the safety of the cargo and the punctuality of its arrival, as well as real-time shipment tracking and attentive customer support.” Egypt Daily News continued, adding that “this service will play a crucial role in tackling food insecurity in Yemen.”

The project comes at a time when Egypt is suffering from high inflation and an economic crisis and is in talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to secure an aid package.

Since the start of the Saudi-backed war against Yemen in 2015, the country has been facing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, as the United Nations and other organizations call it.

One of the main elements of the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen is a severe hunger crisis, exacerbated by the ongoing blockade of the country’s main port and airport, and was a key issue on the agenda of recent Oman-brokered negotiations between the Ansarallah resistance movement and Saudi Arabia .

The two sides have reached agreement on these issues and a number of other pressing issues, and bombing by the Saudi-led coalition has been significantly reduced.

However, a ceasefire has not yet been reached and a number of factors continue to complicate the prospect of peace in Yemen, including a full-scale Emirati occupation and the illegal presence of American and European military forces in the country.

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