New data shows the risk of maritime incidents in ports and terminals

Maritime ESG firm Rightship has released alarming new statistics showing that around half of maritime incidents occur in ports and terminals – a higher percentage than previously thought.

Right Data shows that in 2022 there were 2,400 incidents where location data was recorded. Of this, approximately 50% occurred within port and terminal boundaries, including at berth or while using facilities, while waiting at anchorage and during port transit. If we look more closely at the data, most incidents occurred in ports and terminals, or 813, at docks.

“This statistic should worry harbor masters and operations teams,” said Yucel Yildiz, port and terminal manager for RightShip. “Although many larger ports are used to manage ships with varying operational and safety standards on a daily basis, the data shows that the inherent risk while the ship is within the confines of a port is much greater than we previously thought. “

Maritime incidents at ports and terminals can be costly and time-consuming as they can severely impact a port’s ability to handle ships. But Rightship says port authorities and terminal operators can reduce incidents by using a combination of data focused on pre-arrivals and departures and sharing information.

“Many of these risks are beyond the port’s control and they must be ready to deal with issues as they arise while ensuring their operations are not disrupted across all facilities,” Yildiz added.

RightShip collects global incident data from a variety of sources, including port state controls and MOUs, classification societies, flag states, shipowner and manager self-reports, and other data sources. The company is a leading provider of environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics for the shipping industry, providing a digital platform and services to help companies manage risk and improve overall maritime safety standards.

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