New Berth in Port of New Mangalore: DC Holds Hearing

Deputy Commissioner Mullai Mugilan MP on Friday chaired a public environmental hearing on the proposed multipurpose cargo berth (No.17) to be developed at New Mangalore Port.

The New Mangalore Port Authority (NMPA) has proposed to build a new cargo berth of 9 MMTPA for handling iron ore, fertilizer, sand, machinery, bentonite, gypsum, steel, coils and other cargo. A public environmental hearing was conducted by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) under the 2006 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Notification and 2009 Amendments.

The DC said suggestions and objections raised by the public during the hearing would be referred to the government. “Opinions expressed at the meeting would be forwarded to the Union Ministry for Environment, Forests and Climate Change for further processing,” he said.

NMP Authority EIA consultant M/s Ultra Tech, Thane said the estimated cost of the project is around Rs 214 crore. 30 hectares of port land will be used to store the cargo generated by the proposed project.

The Environmental Management Plan (EMP), a site-specific plan, aims to ensure that the project is implemented in an environmentally sustainable manner. The port has created a green belt around it and has dedicated 33% of its land area to greening. 1000,000 seedlings have been planted in the last five years and the process is still ongoing, the consultant explained.

The general public was outraged that the KSPCB held a hearing at very short notice. However, KSPCB officials claimed the agency published the notice in three newspapers on June 7. National Environment Care Federation Secretary-General H. Shashidhar Shetty and activist Kishore Attavara called for a new date for the public hearing because very few members of the public were able to attend the hearing.

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