Mumbai Port Authority is soliciting bids for marina development

The Mumbai Port Authority, the state-owned company that operates the Port of Mumbai, has been tendering for the development and operation of a marina at Prince’s Dock through a public-private partnership (PPP) for 45 years.

The successful bidder must invest 575.19 crores rupees to design the marina and its ancillary systems on a 9.02 hectare plot with a capacity to park at least 300 pleasure craft/yachts of various sizes, the Port Authority wrote in the global tender, in of the bids were obtained from private companies.

Prince’s Dock was built along with Victoria Dock in the 18th century during British rule. Given the evacuation hurdles typical of an urban port, the scope for expanding cargo throughput is limited. Therefore, the Port Authority has decided to develop the waterfront for recreational activities that better suit urban uses. The move was in line with the larger plan to redevelop Mumbai’s waterfront.

Most of Mumbai Port’s owned areas are in South Mumbai on the East Waterfront. South Mumbai is one of the premier locations in the country and the economic value of the Mumbai Port property is expected to be significant.

The Mumbai Port Authority is in the process of transforming its operations by introducing 500 hectares of tourism, public and office space. This will open up the East Waterfront to residents of Mumbai and the suburbs.

East waterfront development includes development of a domestic cruise terminal, development of RO-RO-Pax facilities, development of a marina and M-shed.

Given the recent emphasis on improving the city’s environment and overall policy of handling clean cargo at the Port of Mumbai and creating a separate revenue stream, the Port Authority is considering a plan to develop the waterfront.

For a country with a vast coastline of more than 7,500 km, India hardly has a marina to park its luxury yachts/pleasure boats.

The country’s only operating marina at the Port of Kochi has not started operations as expected.

The potential for a marina in the Port of Mumbai comes from the large number of yachts that call at the port or are based in the city. Additionally, the fleet anchors at the Gateway of India memorial, requiring owners to board via a small slipway or, for larger yachts, hire tenders to ferry them around.

As it has the largest number of private pleasure boats, it is a good market for marinas. With no designated marina available in Mumbai, around 200 small leisure boats are always moored near the Gateway of India.

Taking into account all these factors, as well as the historical-cultural importance of the city of Mumbai and its hinterland, the authority has examined the possibility of creating a marina equipped with all the typical services of the best marinas in the world, in order to improve and promote that To promote the growth of the territory and the city and at the same time to open the city to sea tourism, the port authority said in the tender.

The bid will be decided based on the highest annual premium declared by the bidders.

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