MSC Cruises crew member caught filming women in bathroom

Inside the magic (“ITM”) yesterday published an article titled “Passengers Catch Cruise Line Employee Filming Women In Children’s Toilet” about a male MSC crew member who was caught filming women in a “women’s toilet” on an unidentified MSC cruise near the Kid’s Club” Schiff filmed. The article explains:

“One passenger, Saja, shared a TikTok Video at the moment she and other passengers confronted an MSC Group employee for hiding in a women’s toilet near the Kid’s Club and recording them:

Saja alerted a maid, who knocked on the door of the stall the man was in and tried to lure him out. But the man said nothing. It wasn’t until a brave passenger stood up and said, ‘Okay, why don’t we do this?’ and knocked loudly, mimicking housekeeping, that the man opened the door.

“I was wrong,” said the man. He wore an MSC staff uniform.

‘You have to call security because he’s an employee,'” the woman said to the housekeeper.

“I did not know it; I just saw a camera pointing at me,” Saja explained.”

The passenger later explained that the crew member (who wore his name tag) had been reported to ship security and was eventually “deported”.

Although the passenger who posted the TicToc video was quick to explain that she had a “great experience” on the cruise and didn’t want to embarrass MSC Cruises, she did want to warn women to “be aware of their circumstances at all times, Vacation included.”

After watching this video, here are some observations worth considering:

Sexual voyeurism occurs on cruise ships as well as in other public accommodation (hotels, baths, etc.). 18 U.S. Code §1801 (“Video Voyeurism”) states that it is a crime “to intend to take an image of a private area of ​​a person without their consent . . .” (and the person has a reasonable expectation of privacy).

A few years ago, a couple and their 10-year-old child went on a three-day cruise on the Carnival Fantasy out of the cell phone. On the last night of the cruise, they were shocked and horrified to discover a small video camera behind the television in their cabin, hidden in the bundled cables and pointed at her bed. When they reported the presence of the recording device to ship security, Carnival downplayed the incident after they disassembled the device and did not notify the FBI or state law enforcement agencies in a timely manner.

When crew members commit such crimes, there is rarely criminal liability. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) rarely apprehends the perpetrator. The shipping company usually terminates the crew member’s employment and flies the ship’s employees home after the fact.

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Photo credit: Only on TicTok

March 3, 2023 update:

crew center reported that the incident occurred on the MSC miracle Cruise ship.

The New York Post was one of several newspapers to cover this story. The TicTok video has reportedly been viewed over ten million times to date.

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