MPA is auctioning off two lots for bulk liquid storage terminals

Eager to unlock as much value as possible from its assets, the Mormugao Port Authority (MPA) has put up for auction two properties for bulk liquid storage. Through the auction, the MPA hopes to generate revenue and also test demand for a wider range of cargo movements in the port.

The port has identified a total of 5,067m² of land for electronic auction where bulk liquids storage terminals can be built and operated for a period of five years.

The port has identified 1,176 m² at the port near the coal dumps where a bulk liquid storage terminal may be constructed.

There are currently two bulk liquids storage tanks that were used to store fuel oil and are about 30 years old. The total storage capacity of the existing tanks is 7,800 kiloliters. Likewise, the MPA has identified 3,891 square meters of land for another liquids storage terminal.

During 2021–22, the port imported and handled petroleum and lubricants (POL), ammonia and other types of liquid bulk cargo.

Cargo carried 0.66 million tons of petroleum products and other liquid cargo.

Since iron ore mining was suspended in the state, the MPA has experienced a gradual decline in revenue. The port is struggling with a combination of low cargo volumes, loss of market share and a lack of funds for vital infrastructure upgrades.

The Union Department of Ports and Shipping has urged the port to leverage untapped resources and generate additional revenue streams through PPP routes and the licensing or leasing of port land under a tender-auction model.

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