Mormugao Port to Go Solar Powered in Two Years: MPA

With MPA poised to host an international cruise terminal by the end of December this year, Vinodkumar said MPA signed an agreement with an agency to increase solar power generation at the port.

Speaking at the Seafarers’ Day (Tarvottiancho Dis) organized by the Goan Seamen Association of India (GSAI) here at Ravindra Bhavan Margao on Sunday, Chairman Vinodkumar assured that the MPA accepted the proposal received from the GSAI to establish a Seamen’s clubs will check the port.

As the GSAI presents a variety of issues affecting the seafaring community to the MPA chair, Vinodkukar said he is willing to act as a liaison between the seafaring community and the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways or the Director-General of Shipping to resolve their issues to solve.

Vinodkukar said nearly three percent of greenhouse gases are produced by the shipping industry and said the industry can do a lot to reduce the environmental impact. He said the Green Port policy speaks of various initiatives across the country’s ports to curb carbon emissions.

“As for MPT, we have developed seven green blue economy initiatives to transform MPA port into a solar power port over the next two years. We have also drawn up plans to increase solar power generation at MPA port as an international cruise terminal will be operational at MPA port by the end of December 2023,” he said.

He added: “We have also drawn up a future plan to provide solar power to the ships calling at the MPA port.” We are currently doing this for Navy and Coast Guard ships. “In the future, we will supply the ships with electricity from shore after the problems related to frequency conversion are solved,” he added.

He commended the work of the Goan seafaring community, which not only contributed to global maritime trade, but also strengthened the economy by raising remittances.

On this occasion, several seafarers were congratulated by the dignitaries for their contribution to the seafaring movement.

Commissioner for NRI Affairs Narendra Sawaikar recognized the role of the Goan seafaring community in the development of the Goan economy and country.

He said the GSAI has made a name for itself in the seafaring community since its inception about a decade ago by addressing the issues plaguing seafarers.

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