Mormugao Port enables fertilizer handling to increase sales

Seeking new revenue streams and encouraging the movement of more cargo through the beleaguered port, the Mormugao Port Authority (MPA) has encouraged fertilizer manufacturer Paradeep Phosphates to pack and ship fertilizers directly from the port premises.
Paradeep Phosphates imports potash, which is essential for plant growth and crop quality. MPA has now authorized the company to package and ship the fertilizer directly to farmers in Goa and Maharashtra.

“As part of MPA’s continued efforts to diversify its cargo mix towards cleaner and greener commodities, we have enabled the value-added service of shipping MOP (Muriate of Potash) fertilizers directly from port premises to markets,” said MPA Chairman N Vinodkumar .

So far, Paradeep Phosphates has shipped 440 bags of raw manure weighing 22.5 tons to Quepem and Margao for distribution to farmers. “This is the beginning and Paradeep Phosphates is committed. If successful, they will think about building a mechanized system and importing more raw materials. “It is easy to transport the fertilizer directly to the farmers in the hinterland,” said Vice Chairman GP Rai.

The move is expected to reduce costs for the fertilizer manufacturer while benefiting the MPA by bringing in more revenue.

“We help them reduce transportation costs and time, so farmers can reduce costs, and the port could also generate income from storage fees and freight movements as more raw materials are imported. Our aim is to provide the end user with the best services at the best price,” Rai said.

The first truckload of fertilizer was stopped by Vinodkumar and officers from Paradeep Phosphates on Tuesday.

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