Mormugao Port aims to handle cargo with minimal impact on the environment: Chairman

dr N. Vinod Kumar, the newly appointed chairman of the Mormugao Port Authority (MPA), said Tuesday the authority wants to ensure that cargo handled at the port has minimal environmental impact. Kumar has recently taken over as head of the Vasco-based port authority.

“The first priority should be the development of the port and, above all, sustainable development,” Kumar told reporters in Vasco.

The port has to accommodate any cargo that is brought in, but there should be minimal impact on the environment, he said.

“Every commercial activity we conduct has an impact on the environment. But we have to see how we can minimize it,” Kumar said.

The chairman went on to say his plan is to be more economical and restore the port to its former glory.

“We have to sustain ourselves and help society,” he said, adding that the goal is also to create more jobs without polluting the environment.

Kumar had previously served as Goa’s Postmaster General.

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