Maersk secures green methanol supply for maiden voyage of first dual-fuel container ship Ship’s crew

Danish shipping giant Maersk has secured green methanol fuel for the maiden voyage of its first dual-fuel container ship under construction in South Korea.

Under an agreement, OCI Global (Euronext: OCI) will supply Maersk with the ISCC-certified green biomethanol for the ship’s maiden voyage to northern Europe via the Suez Canal this summer. The ship will bunker at several major ports en route, including the port of Rotterdam.

Currently under construction at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, the vessel will be fueled with ISCC-certified green biomethanol from OCI Global, a leading supplier of green methanol. The ship will embark on its maiden voyage this summer, traveling to northern Europe via the Suez Canal, bunkering in key ports including the Port of Rotterdam.

The 2,100 TEU (Twenty Foot Equivalent Units) feeder vessel is the first of nineteen carbon-neutral, green methanol-powered vessels ordered by Maersk. It is 172 meters long and entered service in July 2021. Once in service, the ship will operate on a Baltic Sea route between northern Europe and the Gulf of Bothnia.

The other 18 dual-fuel vessels will be much larger (16,000 and 17,000 TEU capacity) and will be built by Hyundai Heavy Industries and delivered in 2024 and 2025.

OCI Global, known for its OCI HyFuels brand, is at the forefront of green methanol development and a leader in the space. The company has played a key role in promoting the use of green methanol in vehicles and currently supplies up to 200,000 tonnes of the equivalent per year. The company is currently in the process of expanding its range of low-carbon and green methanol products, which now includes biomethanol, e-methanol, RCF (recycled carbon fuel) methanol, renewable natural gas, ethanol and bio-MTBE.

As the maritime industry comes under increasing pressure to accelerate its decarbonization efforts, OCI forecasts a significant increase in global demand for methanol, with an estimated increase of 4 million tonnes per year over the next five years, driven by current orders from the maritime sector.

Earlier this year, OCI announced a partnership with Unibarge to retrofit the first methanol fueled bunker vessel to operate in the Port of Rotterdam.

“This is another important milestone in our global leadership in supplying and trading renewable and low-carbon fuels to decarbonize energy-intensive industries,” said Ahmed El-Hoshy, CEO of OCI Global. “We also appreciate the collaboration and leadership of our partners in each of the ports to facilitate this journey. As the shipping industry faces increasing regulatory scrutiny, there is an urgent need to decarbonize it, and OCI is playing a critical role in helping the sector meet its environmental goals through our existing methanol capacities. This positions us well in the marine and fuels markets to benefit from the upcoming demand for ammonia fuels.”

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