Maersk is hosting Equal At Sea 2023: Charting the Course for an Inclusive Future

AP Moller – Maersk (Maersk), a global logistics integrator, hosted the second edition of Equal At Sea 2023 with the theme “Charging a course towards an inclusive future”. The purpose of the event was to take stock of the progress made since the launch of the Equal At Sea initiative in 2022 and to provide a platform for the industry to create opportunities to facilitate industry-wide change and empower women empower to pursue a rewarding career at sea.

The event was attended by Shyam Jagannathan, the Government’s Director General for Shipping. of India as guest of honour. He pledged an unwavering commitment to empowering and promoting greater participation by women in seafaring. Other stakeholders present from across the maritime industry included Chief Surveyor (Government of India) – Mr. Ajithkumar Sukumaran, Former Director General of Shipping – Mr. Deepak Shetty, Chairman of MASSA – Girish Phadnis, Chairman of FOSMA – Captain – Sankalp Shukla , heads of shipping companies, leaders of shipping unions, representatives of shipping associations, women seafarers and other industry representatives who are extremely committed to the cause.

Our continued efforts and immense industry support has resulted in recognizing at sea the future of creating an equitable environment at sea where women can thrive. Through our initiatives, we have been successful in inspiring more women to choose the seafaring profession. We are on track to meet our goal of making 50% of newly admitted cadets in India women after the proportion of female cadets in India increased from 7.6% in 2021 to a significantly increased proportion of 35% in 2021 year 2022 has increased. As a step to accelerate this transformation, we are proud to announce the Maersk Women Rating Program in partnership with Training Shipping Rahaman. With this program we want to initiate a pilot group consisting of 20 women ratings.

Karan Kochhar

Head of Marine People, Asia, Maersk

At this year’s event, Maersk addressed concerns about safety and well-being at sea. Experts such as Sanjam Sahi Gupta – Director of Sitara Shipping and Founder of Maritime SheEO, Divya Nair – Clinical Psychologist at Maersk Fleet Management India and Amalie Grevsen, Head of Naval Culture at Maersk – stressed the importance of safety, well-being and preparedness in the shipping marine environment with the aim of creating a safer and healthier ecosystem. Cadet Garima D, AMET University, Chennai, Capt. (Dr.) Ashutosh Apandkar, Rector, Training Vessel Rahaman, India, and Capt. Arvind Shankar, Cadet Culture and Capability Manager, Maersk discussed the role of maritime institutes and access to mentoring in training of Seafarers for inclusive and successful careers at sea.

When we launched Equal At Sea last year, our aim was to bring about positive change in a sector dominated by a mindset that does not support gender equality. We are pleased that the second edition of this event has more and more stakeholders who agree with our goal and are willing to contribute to it. At Maersk we have carefully developed initiatives to transform seafaring into a safe and thriving career and to encourage young women to pursue their future at sea. The global number of women seafarers at Maersk has increased from 2% in 2021 to 3.3% in 2023 and we are committed to enabling a further increase in women seafarers worldwide. In our quest for equality, we strive to play an active role by sharing our insights, training materials and other valuable content with individuals, organizations and institutions that share our vision.

Niels Bruus

Head of Marine People & Culture, Maersk

In a session with HK Joshi – Former Chairman, Managing Director and Director (Finance) at Shipping Corporation of India Ltd., Dr. Harpreet Singh – Executive Director – Headquarters at Air India Ltd., Niels Bruus and Shalini Nataraj – Employee Experience Officer at Maersk discussed the way forward for the shipping industry to make life on board more inclusive for women. The topics they discussed ranged from raising awareness about the career path, creating the necessary infrastructure, creating opportunities and ensuring women can thrive in their careers.

In recent years, Maersk has implemented numerous initiatives to promote a more inclusive and fair maritime workforce. These initiatives include various programs and actions, such as the Women Cadet Program and Women Crew Connects, as well as the launch of the Cultural Transformation Journey and the On Our Respect Radar Campaign. Maersk also launched the Seafarer Hotline and a simplified grievance process, facilitated joint planning by women seafarers, offered Leading as ONE Leadership training for senior officers, worked with AMET University to open the Maersk Center of Excellence, and Partnered with the Maritime Administration to achieve this Design and development of a gender awareness program for teachers and support staff in maritime training institutes.

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