Logistics should offer our youth many opportunities in the years to come: Rajeev Chandrashekar

Logistics will be an area of ​​great opportunity for young students in the years to come, with huge scope for investment, entrepreneurship and employment, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Union Minister of State for Skills Development, said on Monday.

Speaking at a conference on ‘Transforming Logistics for Coastal Economies’ ahead of the third meeting of the G20 Education Working Group, due to be held in Bhubaneswar on April 27-29, he said logistics will be an area of ​​great opportunity for young students coming years, as well as semiconductors, electronics and information technology, with enormous scope for investment, entrepreneurship and employment.

“This is an interesting time for the world, offering opportunities and challenges and in this context, India has become the fastest growing nation in the world. And India is viewed with much more respect by the world,” he added.

The minister noted that the world is looking towards resilient logistics and trustworthy supply chains, away from risk and towards a trustworthy resilient economy.

“So the focus and discussion on logistics in coastal states like Odisha is important. In 2014, 82% of mobile phones consumed in India were imported, in 2022 almost 100% of mobile phones consumed in India will be made in India,” he said.

In 2014, India exported virtually no mobile phones, and this year alone India has exported about $11 billion worth of Apple phones and Indian-made Samsung phones.

“One of the arguments for India for many decades has been that India did not have a viable market and ability to become a global manufacturing hub as the logistics costs of doing business in India were not competitive. Today, global majors manufacture semiconductors, electronics, mobile phones and many other products in India, exporting and selling in India and the underlying logistics ecosystem have become more efficient,” he added.

The Minister underscored the Prime Minister’s vision, which suggests that you should focus as much on earning degrees as you should on acquiring skills, as this will change the prospects for your employability in modern Techade and post-pandemic will improve.

“As the future is about upskilling, upskilling and reskilling, upskilling will always be a continuous process,” he added.

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