Logistics and warehousing policy prepares Goa for investment

The state cabinet on Wednesday approved the Goa Logistics and Warehouse Policy 2023, which aims to boost logistics-focused investments.

The policy aims to promote environmentally friendly commercial transport companies through decarbonization in transport.

Under the policy, the state government grants up to 15% interest and capital subsidies on the annual interest that companies pay on loans to build projects. Fixed capital investment is also incentivized through loans for buildings, equipment and machinery for integrated logistic parks, large warehouses, cold storage facilities and test centers in backward Talukas.

Key policy objectives include developing the logistics sector as a common goal of various government departments and creating an ecosystem for logistics stakeholders by creating opportunities in warehousing and container logistics.

Institutional and regulatory frameworks ensure time-bound approvals for logistics-driven investments in the state. The policy also aims to strengthen the state’s existing logistics blocs by giving industrial status to the logistics and warehousing sector.

Other policy objectives include promoting access to agricultural products by increasing mobility from fields to markets, encouraging the growth of waterborne freight transport by upgrading existing jetties, and developing important inland river routes.

The aim of the policy is to improve skills development in the logistics and warehousing sector, increase employment, generate revenue for the state and set up a common interface for data exchange. Automation enables performance monitoring and network planning.

Developers of logistic units and warehouses can get a 50% discount on property conversion fees.

The Government of Goa will seek to subsidize costs such as stamp duty and registration fees on a case-by-case basis for the development of facilities such as dry ports and for initiatives that do not fall under the ‘mega project’ (railway based) category.

The Government of Goa will reimburse 50% of the cost of upskilling and training local workers per business unit, capped at Rs 5,000 per person, up to a maximum of 1,000 people for the first two years.

The Department of Urban and State Planning will develop specific guidelines to increase the FSI for logistic and storage units up to 200% and expand the area coverage for such units. Depending on the capacity of the fire brigade and the available street width, the maximum height for buildings of logistic and storage units will be increased up to 24 meters.

The TCP department will also develop further guidelines to enable 24/7 operation of logistic parks and warehouses. The state may set up a special innovation fund of Rs 1 crore to support start-ups in logistics (for the first two years) and to incentivize the introduction of green practices in the logistics sector, such as the use of solar-powered ships. The process set out in the Goa Industrial Growth and Investment Promotion Policy, 2022 will be followed for the provision of some incentives.

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