Logistic traffic in Indore increased by 20%

The increase in cargoes of industrial and agricultural goods has fueled the logistics movement
by Indore by over 20 percent and could rise further, industry players in the eye claimed
an increase in raw materials and manufactured goods.

Indore is an important commercial and business center with an estimated population of around 100,000
4,000 commercial vehicles a day, say truckers.

Vijay Kalra, former Vice President of All India Motor Transport Congress (West Zone) said:
“The transport loads from industry, agriculture and trade have increased and continue
because this is high season. Almost 90 percent of vehicles are on the road
Business. The second round of the business leap will now be seen in October.

January to June is the peak season for transport companies, with over 50 percent of the
Annual load is transported.

Industry players said the decline in sea freight and packaging materials has spurred the development
Logistic movement from Indore.

Indore, a leading trading center of Madhya Pradesh, exports earthmoving equipment, packaging films, pharmaceutical products, waste paper and processed foods, among others, to various countries around the world.

CL Mukati, President of the Indore Truck Operators and Transport Association, said: “Truckloads have increased and could increase further. We have advised our members to avoid overloading lorries to avoid hefty penalties.” Under the newly enacted guidelines, violating the Central Motor Vehicles Act 1988 will face penalties for drivers, suppliers, lorry owners and vendors, among others punished.”

Mukati said states have been advised to take strict measures against truck overloading, according to guidance from the Department of Roads and Highways.

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