Kerala HC give Adani Ports green signal to quarry

The Kerala High Court has overturned the conditions imposed by the Nagaroor Grama Panchayat on a quarry license granted to M/s Adani Vizhinjam Port Pvt Ltd as the state had already cleared Adani Ports for such activities as part of the Vizhinjam seaport project.

The court pointed out that the legal authorities of the state have already granted the port of Adani permission for the quarry and that there is no need for the panchayat to intervene or form a committee to decide on related matters.

“These are all matters that fall within the competence of statutory authorities specifically designated for this purpose. “If the State Environmental Impact Assessment Board, the Director of Mining and Geology and the District Collector, who is the Chairman of the District Disaster Management Agency, have issued permits to the petitioner (Adani), the Panchayat’s appointment of a committee to decide these issues is unjustified,” the Supreme Court stressed.

The court examined a plea brought by Adani against four conditions imposed by the Nagaroor Grama Panchayat in an order granting a license for the quarry to Adani Ports.

Adani Ports has been selected as the concessionaire for the Vizhinjam seaport project, the construction of which started on December 5, 2015.

The Nagaroor Grama Panchayat had attempted to enforce certain conditions on quarrying activities.

The court found that the state government had already given Adani priority over quarrying activities on government land.

The Supreme Court concluded that the conditions set out in the panchayat were highly arbitrary and unlawful and would not stand up to legal scrutiny.

Therefore, it annulled the Panchayat’s decision to the extent that it imposed conditions for the granting of a permit to Adani Ports for its quarrying activities.

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