Kashi Becomes Center of Agricultural Exports in East UP, Records 420% Growth

Ahead of Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath to announce the first batch of mangoes and green chillies to be packed at Kashi’s Integrated Pack House (IPH) for export to the Gulf States, export figures of agri-horticultural products show East UP is emerging as a major hub has agricultural export.

Since the IPH became operational after the inauguration by the Prime Minister on March 24, Varanasi’s export has increased from 4 tons in 2020/21 to 561 tons in 2022/23, ensuring a growth of 420%. Lucknow, which had an export figure of 111.47 tons in 2020-21, exported 703.30 tons of agricultural products in 2022-23, and its growth percentage was 6%.

The Deputy Director-General of the Agricultural and Processed Food Export Development Authority (APEDA), CB Singh, was busy preparing for Sunday’s inauguration ceremony at the IPH in the Karkhiyao region and said: “After the Prime Minister inaugurated the IPH, the process became his Operationalization intensified.” in Varanasi to achieve the goal of developing East UP into an export center for agricultural and horticultural products.”

He said: “With the announcement by the CM, the first shipments of mango and green chillies packed by IPH Varanasi will depart via air and sea respectively to markets in the Gulf including Dubai and Doha.”

Singh recalled the road to make the East UP region a center of agricultural export, saying, “Until 2019, there was no export of agricultural cargo from Varanasi Airport and negligible export from Lucknow Airport.” Now the flights are in Varanasi and Lucknow fully loaded with agricultural air freight.”

Highlighting the growth trend in export of agricultural products from UP international airports, he said, “In 2019 and 2020, Lucknow had exported 99 tons of green vegetables and mangoes, while the export from Varanasi was nil. In 2020-21, Lucknow exported 111.47 tons while only four tons of vegetables were exported from Varanasi. In 2021-22, the export of these agricultural and horticultural products from Lucknow was 661.50 tons and Varanasi exported 157 tons. In 2022-23, Lucknow’s export was 703.30 tons, while Varanasi’s export figures increased to 561 tons.”

“The growth percentage of agricultural export from Varanasi Airport in 2022-23 was 420% compared to 2021-22 figures, while this growth in Lucknow Airport was 6%,” said Singh, adding that the export figure of Varanasi between April and June this year was 120.5 tons while Lucknow exported 169.9 tons of agricultural products. He also referred to the measures taken to achieve the goal of developing East UP as an export hub by making Varanasi its center. The IPH set up here meets the requirements of the international standard, which is a must especially for the export of agricultural products to the European Union, Japan and Korea.

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