J&K Logistics Policy aims to reduce logistics costs by 50%

“A strong logistics infrastructure, including a network of logistics parks, transport yards, warehouses and controlled atmosphere shops, will be established under the proposed policy. This policy will take appropriate measures to improve the performance of J&K in logistics in terms of key indicators, including the quality of logistics infrastructure, the quality of logistics service providers, the efficiency of regulatory processes, the favorable operating environment, the ease of organizing logistics to be competitive prices and the timeliness of cargo delivery, safety and security of cargo movement and easy shipment tracking,” it said.

The policy said the government would encourage public-private partnerships in building modern logistics facilities in J&K.

“The policy focuses on the development of storage and transhipment facilities at strategic hubs to improve logistics efficiencies in focus sectors such as pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, agriculture and dairy. The development of air cargo terminals and air cargo stations is included while the facilities to promote air cargo are mapped. This policy encourages the development of e-commerce hubs in high-traffic zones closer to demand locations and on the outskirts of cities. This meets the needs of the e-commerce sector and avoids traffic congestion in cities,” it said.

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