Iranian IRISL launches direct container shipping route to Brazil

The Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line (IRISL) is planning to launch a direct container route to Brazil, according to a businessman familiar with the matter.

Hamed Ghaderi, a member of the Iran-Brazil Joint Chamber of Commerce, said Monday that the opening of a direct shipping route between Iran and Brazil will be an important positive development in trade relations between the two countries.

Ghaderi said IRISL’s decision to set up offices in Brazil could help Iranian exporters and companies expand their presence in the Brazilian market.

“Given the correspondence and efforts made, we hope this can happen in July,” Ghaderi said.

Iran and Brazil have trade relations worth billions of dollars a year. Brazil is a major supplier of corn and beef to Iran, while Iran supplies petrochemicals, including much-needed urea supplies to Brazil’s agricultural sector.

IRISL has sought to expand its routes in recent years, in line with Iran’s efforts to increase its revenues from foreign trade and cargo transit, and as the country seeks to diversify away from crude oil exports.

The state-owned company has opened branches in Russia and India as part of programs to activate the International North-South Transport Corridor, a route that runs through Iranian territory.

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