India plans $1.46 billion inland waterway corridor

India is drafting a $1.46 billion project to develop an inland waterway corridor in the east of the country, mainly for the use of finished products such as steel, sponge iron, aluminum and fertilizers, a government official said on Thursday July 20.

The project is being led by government agencies such as Coal India (india) Limited (CIL), the Paradip Port Authority, which operates Paradip Port on the east coast of Odisha, and the Inland Waterways Authority of India (India).

The inland waterway corridor linking two ports in Odisha across the Brahmani River would have a capacity to transport 12 to 15 million tons of cargo, the official said.

The project would provide relief to the Indian Railways (IR) network, the national transportation company that serves as the primary source of transportation for east-based industries such as steel mills, iron ore and manganese mines, and the coal industry, which account for around 75 percent of all freight traffic in the region .

Once completed, private and state-owned user industries would be encouraged to open their own cargo terminals along the waterway corridor, the official said.

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