IMO expresses concern about shadow tanker fleet Ship’s crew

By Alaric Nightingale and Thomas Gualtieri (Bloomberg) —

A United Nations agency that monitors shipping has raised concerns about the Shadow Fleet, which has emerged to carry oil amid sanctions, and called for further steps to increase safety.

A committee at the International Maritime Organization also raised concerns about the safety of ship-to-ship transfers – where tankers transfer oil from one ship to another at sea.

“Shadow” tanker fleet increases the risk of accidents

In its most specific step, it said states that notice ships going dark – or turn off their transponders – should be subject to more inspections.

Russia’s invasion of its neighbor — and subsequent sanctions by Western governments — has dramatically altered oil trade routes. While more Russian crude has flowed to Asia, shipping has also become cloudier. Traders are increasingly transporting oil between a shadowy fleet of aging tankers in international waters off Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in North Africa.

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