If exports hit $2 trillion by 2030, huge opportunity opens up: Goyal

Trade and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal said Thursday that if the country’s exports of goods and services hit $2 trillion by 2030, there would be tremendous opportunities for people and businesses.

He said the country’s exports have grown from $500 billion in the past two years to $767 billion in 2022-2023.

India is a $3.5 trillion economy today and will be at least a $35 trillion economy by 2047. “Imagine the opportunities it will open up for all the people of India,” he said.

In his opinion, by 2030 we will see “$2 trillion in exports from India, imagine the opportunities that will open up”.

Speaking at the Times Network India economic meeting here, the minister also said that the country’s economy is growing faster, which is clearly reflected in GDP growth of 7.2 percent in 2022-23.

“India is in stability mode, with a proactive government that is strengthening every element of the economy in ways that will benefit us in our quest to make India a developed country by 2047,” he said, adding: “This is the right time.” in progress”.

India’s exports fell 12.7 percent to $34.66 billion in April for the third straight month, on the back of slowing global demand, although the government data said the trade deficit fell to a 20-month low $15.24 billion dropped.

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