Haryana is building two multimodal logistic parks in Palwal and Ambala

The Haryana State Government is in the process of identifying two suitable land parcels in Palwal District and one in Ambala District to establish three Multimodal Logistic Parks (MMLPs) as part of the efficiency improvement component of the Bharatmala Pariyojana National Corridors.

This was announced by Chief Secretary Sanjeev Kaushal, who chaired a review session on the progress of MMLPs in the state.

“This initiative will greatly improve the state’s logistics capabilities, fuel economic growth and attract investment. We commend the government’s efforts to build a robust infrastructure network to support the logistics industry,” said the Secretary-General.

Kaushal directed officials to expedite the process while also holding talks with Container Corporation of India Limited (CONCOR) to complete the project.

Three MMLPs in Haryana

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has identified 35 strategic sites nationwide for the development of multimodal logistic parks as part of the efficiency improvement component of the national corridors under the Bharatmala Pariyojana.

The identified locations are among the regions with the highest freight traffic in the country and an MMLP at these locations will improve logistic efficiencies across the country.

The aim is to reduce logistics costs to 8-9 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). Currently, logistics accounts for 14 percent of GDP – making India significantly less competitive on the global stage.

In line with this initiative, National Highway Logistics Management Limited (NHLML), a 100 percent owned National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) company of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) , entrusted with the development of MMLPs at these 35 sites, including three in Haryana.

Groundbreaking for the country’s first MMLP at Jogighopa in Assam was laid in October 2020 and is expected to be completed by December 2023.

Reduction of freight costs

The main goal of these MMLPs is to enable seamless intermodal freight transport by integrating different modes of transport.

The MMLPs, equipped with intermodal cargo handling facilities, warehouses, cold storage and custom bonded warehouses, will provide a one-stop solution and reduce transportation and inventory handling costs, as well as significantly eliminate existing inefficiencies in the logistics ecosystem.

The MMLPs will offer state-of-the-art warehousing and warehousing solutions, as well as value-added services such as customs clearance and IT services to meet the diverse needs of logistics players.

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