HAROPA PORT and Le Havre Boatswain Approve ShoreTension® Mooring System

The HAROPA PORT shipping cooperative and the harbor master’s office have tested this dynamic anchoring system. It is a tool that can improve ship stability at berth. Studies conducted on ship positioning identify a mooring problem known as “surge”. This refers to the ship’s movements about its longitudinal axis, fore and aft, along its berth. Weather conditions, tides and the enormous size of certain vessels are factors in the severity of the problem. Overvoltage is a hazard to all personnel during a port visit.

In view of these observed risks, HAROPA PORT initiated a project to improve docking safety. This led to a close collaboration with Lamanage du Havre. The Harbor Master’s office began a campaign of centimetric GPS readings. This phase confirmed that unwanted ship movements can cause displacements of up to ten meters. The harbor master’s office and Lamanage du Havre then looked for the right technical solution for the conditions in Port 2000. They chose a dynamic mooring system called the ShoreTension® System (STS), which is marketed by the company KRVE.

A test phase with positive results

Thanks to a program of collaboration by HAROPA PORT together with Lamanage du Havre and the entire port community, trials of the dynamic anchoring system were carried out from September 2021 to January 2023. The analysis of the results confirmed the effectiveness of the system from several points of view :

– It reduces the swell to less than one meter on all types of vessels and in all possible conditions, thereby significantly improving the stability of the vessel at berth.

– It improves the “Dock Alert” procedure aimed at getting dock workers to safety quickly.

– It significantly reduces the risk of the mooring line breaking, thereby limiting the risk of a ship being left adrift. This protects port operations and eliminates the risk of pollution.

The new system logs operational data remotely, allowing real-time monitoring of mooring line loading. This innovative system also offers a high degree of flexibility as it can be positioned anywhere on the quay and on all types of ships and floating machinery. It is a self-contained system that requires no power supply after operation.

HAROPA PORT was able to create the right conditions for the implementation of the ShoreTension® system through the exchange of experiences during the tests with the harbor master’s office, Lamanage du Havre, shipping companies and stevedores.

Implementation of the solution in the port of Le Havre: a first for French ports

HAROPA PORT is the first French port to have installed a dynamic mooring system, the value of which is now clearly recognized by the entire port community based on the tests carried out. In view of the risks for ships at the berth, this solution is to be significantly further developed in the coming months. Lamanage du Havre is at the forefront and is working with the other French ports to find a solution.

The system is now used in the commercial operation of Lamanage du Havre.

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