Hapag-Lloyd’s LNG-powered 23,660 TEU giant receives LNG in China

Energy company World Fuel Services Corporation has completed a liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering operation in China and supplied LNG for Hapag-Lloyd’s 23,660 TEU container ship Berlin Express.

With the support of both the Ningbo-Zhoushan Port Authority and the local supplier CNOOC, the dual-fuel Berlin Express received 6,000 cubic meters of bound LNG fuel in a process that took around 20 hours.

“The refueling of our new Berlin Express is a testament to great collaboration and innovation to achieve efficient LNG bunkering in a major international port. “It is a first of many steps forward on our journey to a low-carbon future and shows what can be achieved when suppliers and port authorities coordinate their operations and work together towards a greener global shipping industry,” said Jan Christensen, Head of Global Fuel Purchasing at Hapag Lloyd.

“World Fuel is committed to accelerating the energy transition to lower-carbon fuels in the shipping industry by connecting customers with the right suppliers and ports. The successful LNG refueling of Hapag Lloyd’s Berlin Express is an example of the power of working together with support from the Ningbo-Zhoushan Port Authority and local supplier CNOOC,” said Mark Tamsitt, Senior Vice President Marine, EMEA & Asia at World Fuel Services .

“By working together, we can support the movement towards a more sustainable future in the marine sector, reducing emissions and promoting a cleaner, greener industry.”

The Berlin Express, which is on its maiden voyage, was launched in June this year. According to the World Fuel Services Corporation, the new Hapag-Lloyd ship is only the second freighter to be refueled with bound LNG in the port.

The ship is part of a series of twelve dual-fuel LNG vessels with more than 23,500 TEU that Hapag-Lloyd ordered in late 2020 and mid-2021. The total investment value of the twelve ships amounts to around 2 billion US dollars. The 400 meter long and 61 meter wide newbuildings will be among the largest ships in the world.

One of the ships in this series, the Baltic Express, was launched in January this year.

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