Gwadar Port is full of 200,000 tons of wheat in 25 days

Despite many challenges, the port of Gwadar is in full swing with the accelerated processing of 200,000 tons of wheat imports from Russia over the past 25 days, a COPHC official said.

The remainder of the wheat to be managed at Gwadar port amounts to about 250000 tons.

Speaking to Gwadar Pro, the official said that four ships including MV Lila Chennai, MV Rich, MV Veruda and MV Dorado have arrived so far out of a total of nine ships bringing wheat to Gwadar Port.

“The Port of Gwadar has not recorded any handling losses unloading and shipping wheat since March 2, when the first ship anchored.”

All loading, unloading and transport, he said, was handled and managed with precision.

The Eastbay Expressway, which exclusively connects the Port of Gwadar to the Makran Coastal Highway and bypasses the city’s roads, is the only route used for the transport of trucks loaded with wheat.

“In the past, trucks squeezed through congested city streets of Gwadar, which not only put additional strain on local thoroughfares, but also affected the flow of trucks,” said Haji Razzaq, a transporter.

Gwadar Port’s connectivity with Eastbay Express has smoothed out activity, he added.

China Overseas Ports Holding Company, Trading Corporation of Pakistan, Pakistan Agricultural Storage and Services Corporation Limited, Pakistan Customs and National Logistics Cell, Gwadar Free Zone and GITL are working closely together to finalize all the works.

The Ministry of National Food Security and Research official informed Gwadar Pro that for lifting the allocated amount of million tons of wheat under G2G agreements, NLC transported wheat from the port of Gwadar to PASSCO storage centers by the shortest and most feasible route.

Passco’s warehouses are located in 13 zones and 16 districts across the country. Its storage capacity includes 29 silos (storge tower) and 335 godowns with a covered storage capacity of 572,482 tons. The remainder is stored in open gunjees using scientific methods and procedures.

An official from the Ministry of National Food Security and Research said that the ECC, at its meeting on July 28, 2022, allowed the Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) to import wheat and directed MNFS&R to review Passco’s logistics plan for the transportation of imported wheat to be submitted for review by the ECC.

Gwadar Port processes Russian wheat imports under an official agreement between Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) and Gwadar International Terminal Limited (GITL).

An official from Gwadar International Terminals Limited said that since the Port of Gwadar has successfully handled 200,000 tons of it, the processing of the remaining 250,000 tons of wheat is being managed accordingly.

He called the wheat import via Gwadar port a new milestone and said the wheat import will boost trading activities in Gwadar. “It will also improve employability as skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers will be needed to handle the full volume of work once commercial activities get underway,” he added.

When asked how the Port of Gwadar has outperformed other ports in Pakistan in handling and processing wheat shipments, a member of the All Gwadar Shipping Clearing Agents Association (AGSCAA) said the Port of Gwadar is more economical than any other port like KPT and Qasim ports.

“Both ports are always congested and ships are berthing, and KPT and Qasim Ports storage fees are very high. However, Gwadar Port has no mooring and storage fees, as well as the fastest stowage services. It can be verified from the previous TCP record,” he added.

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