Guest Column: Hey ladies in the shipping industry…

Happy International Women’s Day! Today is about celebrating women like us, who are breaking down barriers and making waves in industries that have traditionally been male-dominated. And let me tell you, the shipping industry is no exception!

We all know that being a woman in the shipping industry can be tough. We had to prove ourselves over and over again, and sometimes it feels like we’re still fighting an uphill battle. But guess what? We do it and we do it well!

We are captains, engineers, port managers, logistics coordinators and much more. We’re showing that we can excel in any role in the industry and that we’re just as capable as any other man out there. And let’s face it, we’re probably doing all of this while juggling a million other responsibilities.

But despite all the challenges, we are making progress. Organizations are beginning to recognize the importance of gender diversity and are implementing policies and practices that promote gender equality. We see more women entering the industry and we make valuable contributions every day.

And let’s not forget the great organizations and initiatives working to support women in the shipping industry. For example, WISTA offers networking opportunities, training and mentoring to help women advance their careers in the industry.

So ladies, today is our day to celebrate! Let’s take a moment to acknowledge our achievements and the progress we’ve made. And let’s keep fighting for gender equality in the industry and in society at large.

Cheers to all the badass women in the shipping industry! Keep it up and never forget how amazing you are. Happy Women’s Day!

By Zohra Chataiwala, Lancer Container Lines Ltd.

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