GreenLine deploys LNG-powered trucks at UltraTech Cement’s bulk terminal in Pune

GreenLine (Green Planet Logistics), India’s first LNG-powered heavy-duty logistics company, announced the deployment of its LNG-powered trucks at UltraTech Cement’s bulk terminal in Pune, Maharashtra.

This is the second such deployment of a GreenLine LNG-powered truck fleet for UltraTech. The trucks were stopped by Tanmay Pradhan, AVP Logistics, UltraTech Cement, and Anand Mimani, CEO, GreenLine, and other key executives.

GreenLine said in a statement that its LNG-powered trucks reduce CO2 emissions by 28 percent, equivalent to an emissions reduction of 24 tons of CO2 per truck per year compared to conventional diesel trucks. The trucks also reduce other dangerous emissions – SOx, NOx and particulate matter.

The company said it is paving the way for widespread adoption of long-haul LNG-powered trucks by demonstrating its immense benefits for businesses. GreenLine has worked with multiple organizations to create India’s first integrated green logistics ecosystem to make LNG trucking a reality in the country.

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