Green corridor project launched between South Africa and Europe

A new consortium will explore options for developing a maritime green corridor for zero-emission iron ore transport between South Africa and Europe, a first on the African continent.

Convened by the Global Maritime Forum, the consortium brings together Anglo American, Tata Steel, CMB, VUKA Marine, Freeport Saldanha and ENGIE to assess how zero-emission shipping could work.

The consortium of iron ore miners and shippers, the steel industry, shipowners, free port operators and energy suppliers will examine comprehensive concepts for the development of the green corridor South Africa-EU. Work will address bunker and take-off schemes, available green fuel stocks, and financial and business model alternatives.

“CMB is proud to be part of the Green Corridor Initiative between South Africa and Europe. CMB has already built various types of vessels that run on hydrogen and builds bulk carriers that run on ammonia. We hope that our track record of developing green vessels will contribute to the consortium’s success and accelerate the deployment of low-carbon vessels on this important trade route,” said Alexander Saverys, CEO of CMB.

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