Gati expands EV-led last-mile delivery partnership with IKEA

Logistics company Gati Ltd has expanded its electric vehicle-guided last mile delivery
Partnership with furniture manufacturer IKEA for express delivery services in Bengaluru.

“The use of electric vehicles for express deliveries is part of our sustainability and green logistics initiatives. Both Gati and IKEA are committed to zero-emission last-mile deliveries. Our collaboration with IKEA dates back to 2019 and the subsequent expansion of IKEA Hyderabad to Bengaluru business is a testament to that commitment,” said Pirojshaw Sarkari, Chief Executive Officer, Gati Ltd.

“We are very excited to expand our collaboration with GATI for our Bengaluru business and thank them for co-designing and smart execution that will surely help us achieve our goal of 100 percent zero-emission home delivery by 2025,” said Saiba Suri, Country Customer Fulfillment Manager, IKEA.

Logistics, retail and e-commerce companies have increasingly started using electric vehicles for last mile deliveries as they become increasingly aware of environmental, social and governance or ESG considerations.

In light of this, Gati is aiming to fully convert its pickup and delivery fleet to electric vehicles by 2025 and is setting up EV charging stations in its warehouses to build infrastructure for faster EV deployment.

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