Gateway Distriparks starts double stack rail service between Viramgam ICD and Mundra Port

Logistics operator Gateway Distriparks announced on Friday that it has started double-stack rail transport services between its ICD Viramgam (Ahmedabad) and Mundra Port for its export-import trade (EXIM) customers.

The first double-decker train was deregistered on Thursday, Gateway Distriparks Ltd (GDL) said.

This will significantly increase operational efficiencies, improve plant productivity for the company’s 31 trains and ultimately reduce the overall cost of logistics for retailers, the company said.

At the same time, the evacuation of containers in the port and its inland container depots (ICDs) will be accelerated, according to the GDL.

As an ICD, Viramgam is a hub that the GDL uses to consolidate containers for double-stack
He added that the company will greatly benefit from this development not only for the ICD Viramgam market but also for the North Indian ICDs.

The company said it could leverage its strategically located ICD network through consolidation
Multi-destination containers at its hubs in Gurugram and Ahmedabad
Connection to the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor.

GDL has a network of 10 ICDs and containerized freight stations across the country and operates a fleet of 31 trains and over 500 trailers for transportation between its facilities and seaports, as well as first and last mile connectivity for the EXIM industry.

The company offers general and bonded warehousing, rail and road transportation
including container handling services.

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