Foundation stone laid for Telangana’s first multi-product logistics park

Jayesh Ranjan, General Secretary for Industry and ITE&C, laid the groundwork for MPL Group’s first investment in the Integrated Logistics sector in Chityal, Nalgonda. MPL Group, which has been firmly rooted in Telangana since 1959, has 8 steel production units and directly and indirectly employs over 17,500 people, will establish a multi-product/multi-purpose logistics park with an investment of 750 Crs and employment potential of 2,750. This logistics facility extends over 50 hectares and has a 2,000-metre-long railway siding.

This facility is strategically located in East Hyderabad, just 60km from ORR and 20km from the proposed regional ring road. The facility includes a number of innovative features designed to streamline supply chain operations and accelerate regional trade. Facilities include a private siding connecting to the main truck line, cold chain aggregation of 5 lakh SFT and 1 lakh SFT storage for ICD and an integrated food processing park.

On that occasion, IAS Principal Secretary for I&C Jayesh Ranjan, IAS, underscored the state government’s efforts since the state’s inception, saying, “Chityal was one of the key locations identified and most suitable for the establishment of a logistics hub.” and outbound freight for this region is balanced with growth in food processing, cement, iron and other heavy industries. MPL’s integrated approach to designing this facility as a multi-product logistics center is commendable and we are confident that this will help us realize the export potential of Nalgonda and the hinterland.”

Addressing the Assembly, Sri B NAGYA PCOM SCR stated that this logistic hub is strategically located to meet the needs of farmers to procure fertilizers and other raw materials for agricultural needs as well as other industries nearby. He said that MPL Logistics will handle its own import and export of iron ore, coal and finished products as well as fertilizer and containers to meet the needs of the local public. He congratulated the MPL team on the early completion of the project and the planned start of operations.

Sri M. Ramakrishna DRM Guntur, in his address to the assembly, stated that the MPL logistic node has done its work at the speed of light.

A week earlier he had been invited to the inauguration of the Gati Shakti cargo terminal but said it was not possible. But today, as he inaugurated the siding, he was mesmerized by the performance of the siding. He congratulated the MPL team on the inauguration of the siding and wished them a long-term cooperation.

Commenting on the decision to set up the multi-product logistics park in Telangana, Vinod Kumar Agarwal, Managing Director of the company, said: “With this logistics park, we aim to connect the farmers and MSME companies of this region with the world through affordable logistics and world-class warehousing. “

More about MPL Group: Mahalakshmi Profiles Limited

MPL Group has been based in Hyderabad since 1959 and has deep roots in the manufacture of iron and steel products. They have demonstrated their expertise in steel fabrication for over 6 decades with 8 manufacturing units in Telangana State employing over 2,500 people directly and approximately 15,000 indirectly. Under the brand name MPL steel tubes, they have also positioned themselves as leading MS tube manufacturers.

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