First freight train from Pune dispatched

The first special freight train from Khadki railway station in Pune division was sent to Sankarel-Howrah on Thursday (June 21), officials said. The Business Development Unit (BDU), set up by the Commerce and Operations Department of the Pune Railways Department, has taken joint action to increase the revenue of the railways.

There is a large industrial area around the Pune Railway Department, but several parcels were sent by rail from Pune, which were then sent to the destination by VPU (motor and parcel) wagon to the train.

The train consists of 14 VPU cars with 90% white goods including electronic equipment such as air conditioning, refrigerator, television etc. with a total weight of 322 tons and this has more than earned the railway 15 lakhs.

“Thanks to the efforts of the BDU team, goods that used to be sent by road have been diverted to the rail route. Seven to eight packet rakes are expected to be loaded onto the Pune Railway Department, which could result in $1.5 billion in sales 1-1.2 crore per month. “With the proactive efforts of the BDU team assembled under the leadership of department rail chief Indu Dubey, and the characteristics of cheap fares, safe operations, etc., the department has succeeded in attracting new business,” said Ramdas Bhis, spokesman for the rail department from Pune.

In November 2020, in order to increase the revenue of the railways, the Pune Railway Department established BDUs. These BDUs are taking steps to increase railroad freight and package loading.

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