Fingerscan technology Presented at DP World Antwerp

DP World Antwerp Gateway has introduced breakthrough fingerprint scanning technology to improve security in container collection.

In collaboration with NxtPort, the Port of Antwerp-Bruges digital platform, DP World, the global trading provider, has successfully tested the Certified Pick up (CPu) software with Belgian logistics companies Katoen Natie and Van Moer and will implement the technology across its terminal Antwerp Gateway.

With the introduction of CPu, DP World increases the security of container transport by eliminating outdated identification and collection processes. In response to the port community’s security concerns, CPu is developing, registering and verifying truck drivers via NxtPort and enabling them to pick up containers at DP World’s terminal by matching the driver’s fingerprints to their specific container via the container’s Alfapass.

Traditionally, access to containers at a terminal is by entering a PIN code, which creates a risk of multi-party handling and exposes containers to misuse.

First successful pickup

The first containers were successfully picked up last week and this innovative technology will be needed for all carriers in due course.

Dirk Van den Bosch, CEO of DP World in Antwerp, said: “The aim of the improvements we are making to our terminal is always to ensure that we serve our customers and communities efficiently and safely, which means a smooth introduction of the latest innovative technology means . By making our terminal processes, and container collection in particular, safer, we live our values ​​of social responsibility.

“The success of our pilot project with Van Moer and Katoen Natie is the first step towards further CPu adoption with all stakeholders and for all modes of transport in 2023. We hope that the industry will recognize the benefits of increased security at container terminals and are leading this technology throughout the logistics chain.”

Antwerp Gateway is also adapting its systems to allow containers to be picked up by barge and train via CPU.

Koen Breemersch, Acting CEO of NxtPort, said: “Over the last few months we have been working extensively with DP World, among others, to finalize and test the latest APIs for certified pickup. In addition, we are also examining the implementation of CPU for the collection of containers via barges and trains. It is vital that as many parties as possible board from now on so that we can deliver on the promise of increased security across all terminals.”

CPu was developed as a result of collaboration with everyone involved in container transport in the port community. Shipping companies, shippers, transport companies, terminals, freight forwarders, truck companies as well as inland waterway and rail operators were involved in the development of the technology. CPU for truckers is currently being implemented at selected terminals, including Antwerp Gateway. In all, nearly 2000 companies have expressed interest in acquiring CPu, and expansion plans include inland shipping and rail integration.

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