FedEx improves International Priority Service in India and reduces transit time to key export markets

To reduce transit time for exporters, FedEx Express announced on Monday that it will upgrade its International Priority (IP) service in India. FedEx said in a statement that the move would improve the efficiency of moving goods and allow customers to take advantage of global opportunities.

Accordingly, with this enhancement, shipments can now be delivered to key markets and areas around the world within two to three business days. According to FedEx Express, this represents at least a day’s improvement over previous transit times for key markets.

“By providing a day-definite delivery service that combines speed and reliability, FedEx offers its customers the ability to ship urgent and critical shipments. Additionally, this expansion includes FedEx door-to-door and customs brokerage services,” the company said in a statement.

With the move, transit time for shipments from India to the US can now be delivered within two to three business days. Likewise, deliveries to key markets in Europe can be delivered within two business days and key markets in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) can now be covered within two to four business days.

India is experiencing a slowdown in demand and strong global headwinds, as well as increased competition. Reaching consumers in key export markets in the shortest possible time has become an important part of the global supply chain.

“As the backbone of the Indian economy, small and medium-sized businesses deserve all the support we can offer. FedEx has continuously strengthened its operational capabilities and innovated its products and services to help SMBs navigate the complex supply chain landscape. “This latest service enhancement reaffirms FedEx’s commitment to providing SMEs and local businesses faster and more reliable access to global markets, fueling their growth and success,” said Suvendu Choudhury, vice president India Operations, in a statement.

In May, FedEx announced the reintroduction of its International Economy (IE) service in Asia Pacific, which typically delivers to major destinations around the world within two to five business days. This service offers differentiated solutions for less urgent shipments.

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