Engine room fire on ‘Algoma Discovery’ during winter shutdown

By Michael Folsom,

PORT COLBORNE, ON (February 27, 2023) – A fire was reported aboard the Hibernate Monday morning just after 9:00 a.m. EST Algoma Discovery in the city of Port Colborne, Ontario.

Firefighters and rescue workers were dispatched to the quayside along the Welland Canal to start a fire in the engine room of the Canadian-flagged bulk carrier, which broke out during routine winter maintenance. Upon arrival, firefighters found the crew had disembarked and were unharmed. Heavy smoke was reported filling the engine room and crews encountered a small fire. The ship’s suppression system was reportedly activated as expected.

As firefighters boarded the ship using a turntable ladder to gain access to the stern, others prepared a water supply from the canal.

Not long after the crews arrived, smoke could be seen coming out of the ship’s funnel. The situation was reported as under control as it was aired around 10:30am

The ship has been moored in Port Colborne for the winter since early January.

know problems Algoma Discovery also experienced an onboard fire during the 2012 winter break in Hamilton, Ontario. In 2013 the ship collided with the lock gate at Beauharnois. And before the end of the 2022 Seaway shipping season, the ship had to run aground east of Trois-Rivières, Quebec.

Algoma Discovery owned by Algoma Central Corporation.

Michael Folson is founder of The Seaway Ship Watchers NetworkEditor of The Ship Watcher and the Downbound Discussions podcast, featuring news and information on St. Lawrence Seaway shipping.

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