Econship procures the first batch of Made in India shipping containers

To further the Make in India campaign, Econship, a leading player in the shipping and NVOCC sector, recently procured its first batch of newly built Made in India containers. This significant development not only furthers the government’s ambitious initiative, but also serves as a litmus test for the quality of manufacturing in the country.

Econship sourced these containers from Ahmedabad-based SYMCON®, a pioneer in ISO freight container production in India. This acquisition signals a bright future for bulk container manufacturing in India.

For far too long, China has held an almost complete monopoly in this industry due to the various obstacles that countries like India have faced, such as high taxes, expensive imports and bureaucratic hurdles. However, recent reforms and the government’s unwavering support have encouraged Indian entrepreneurs to take the plunge and set up container manufacturing facilities in the country.

The Make in India initiative has become a catalyst for change and has created a supportive environment for container manufacturing entrepreneurs. The government’s commitment to the cause has given companies the confidence to invest in the sector despite the ongoing uncertainties. With government support, entrepreneurs are taking calculated risks, recognizing the potential for growth and the positive impact their ventures can have on the economy. By promoting further reforms and easing at both state and central levels, the government can further stimulate investment and unleash a wave of job creation.

The burgeoning advances in container manufacturing in India underscore the transformative power of the Make in India campaign. Econship’s recent procurement of new build containers and the rise of SYMCON® as a pioneer in the production of ISO freight containers are signs of a bright future for the country’s manufacturing industry.

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