DPIIT invites industry to address logistics issues on the E-Logs platform

Industry associations should participate in the e-logs platform and discuss their issues to help the Service Investment Group (SIG) address these issues in line with the National Logistics Policy as soon as possible, DPIIT Special Secretary Sumita Dawra said Thursday.

A new digital platform, Ease of Logistics Services (E-Logs), was launched as part of the national logistics policy. Through this portal, industry associations can raise issues that are causing problems in their operations and performance directly with government agencies.

During the SIG meeting, important issues affecting trade were resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned.

The ultimate goal of the SIG was, on the one hand, to promote the proactive participation of various business/industry associations and, on the other hand, to inspire enormous trust among them.

It is noteworthy that up to 29 industry/business associations have been posted on the E-Log portal and provided with user IDs and passwords in order to report their problems directly to the relevant specialist departments of various ministries for rapid resolution.

Major associations such as the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Association of Multimodal Transport Operators of India (AMTOI), Container Shipping Lines Association (CSLA), Indian National Shipowners Association (INSA) and the Federation of Indian Export Association (FIEO). There are few among the many reputable industry associations from the logistics industry that are currently working with the SIG to solve the problems associated with trade.

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