DP World’s SeaRates works with CP World on LCL shipments

“DP World’s SeaRates has now integrated with CP World to digitize global trade and offer more choice to smaller cargo owners and carriers operating around the world. “The integration means that customers moving less than a full container load will benefit from optimized logistics processes, real-time information and increased efficiency from SeaRates, just like their larger counterparts,” said DP World.

CP World offers logistics services by air, sea and land transport as well as documentation and customs clearance for customers. As a neutral load consolidator, the company specializes in logistics for small and medium-sized companies that may not need an entire container for their loads.

“With this integration, SeaRates will now offer its customers enhanced real-time container availability and pricing information, allowing shippers to compare rates from a wider range of carriers,” it said.

By optimizing container space and efficiently consolidating LCL (less-than-container-load) shipments, SeaRates has been able to deliver cost savings to shippers while contributing to a more sustainable global supply chain. “These advances solidify SeaRates’ position as a leading provider of logistics solutions for businesses of all sizes,” it said.

As a leader in supply chain logistics and technology, we are excited to expand our offering for SMEs, startups and individuals who need access to international trade,” said Mike Bhaskaran, COO of digital technology at DP World.

“Through this new partnership, SeaRates customers get access to exclusive sea freight and schedules in over 30 countries and can book LCL transports via the online platform. This is particularly beneficial for customers with seasonal or promotional products, as it allows them to achieve cost savings and more flexibility in their bookings, while at the same time opening up new market segments and expanding the customer base.”

“As a neutral, market-leading ocean freight consolidator, CP World is excited to partner with SeaRates and DP World to offer comprehensive LCL ocean freight rates, plans and services, thereby digitizing cargo and creating sustainable solutions,” said Ken Chiang, Group CEO of CP World.

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