DP World’s Cargoes dashboard goes live in Jeddah

DP World’s Cargoes Community has launched a new dashboard for shipping companies at the company’s Jeddah terminal that fully digitizes the customer experience.

With this update, the Cargoes Community System is now one of the most advanced port community systems in Saudi Arabia – enabling shipping companies to easily and cost-effectively receive real-time status updates of all registered vessels entering or leaving the terminal way.

The Cargoes Community System includes container management features that allow users to check the status of their containers and update detention, retention and release information.

terminal planning teams

Prior to this innovation, shipping companies had to contact the terminal planning teams for information on active vessels and for estimates of when work would be completed. This manual process often causes delays in planning next activities and onward voyages for shipping companies.

Now cargo owners can log into the Cargoes community system, check real-time ship details, export the data to visual charts and tables, and make adjustments to the lines if needed. The new system can also send automated messages and real-time updates via SMS and email.

Mahmood AlBastaki, Chief Operating Officer, Digital Trade Solutions at DP World, said: “There is a global need for better supply chain visibility and we are proud to provide the most advanced system in the region.” With this update we offer our customers competitive business insights previously unattainable. Now shipping companies operating in Jeddah can quickly create custom reports and gather years of operational data in minutes.”

Immensely beneficial

Mohammed Al Shaikh, Chief Executive Officer of DP World Jeddah, said: “The new dashboard has been of great benefit to the shipping companies operating in our port. As we continue to leverage intelligent automation and digitization, the future of ports will bring unprecedented improvements in various aspects such as: B. Seamless connectivity, operational efficiencies, optimized shipyard utilization, improved service quality and cost optimizations.”

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