DNV grants approval in principle for the construction of ammonia-powered gas carriers Ship’s crew

DNV, a leading classification society, has granted approval in principle (AiP) for the design of an ammonia fueled gas carrier named M/S NoGAPS.

This milestone is part of the Nordic Green Ammonia-Powered Ships (NoGAPS) project, which aims to develop solutions for a zero-emissions ammonia-powered ship in the Nordic region. The project brings together key players in the maritime industry including Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping, BW Epic Kosan, Yara, MAN Energy Solutions, Wärtsilä, Global Maritime Forum and Breeze Ship Design.

Ammonia has emerged as a promising option for a carbon-free, multi-fuel future in the maritime industry. However, the technical challenges associated with using ammonia as a fuel require concerted efforts to realize its full potential. The NoGAPS project focuses on overcoming these challenges and aims to operate an ammonia-powered carrier in the Nordic region.

The first phase of the NoGAPS project involved the development of a proof of concept to remove barriers related to safety, efficiency, the fuel supply chain and commercial feasibility. The ongoing second phase focuses on ship design with the ultimate goal of having an operational ship. In addition, the project aims to establish infrastructure, operations and a business ecosystem for ammonia-powered shipping.

Tuva Flagstad-Andersen, DNV Regional Manager for the Northern Europe region, spoke about the importance of regional initiatives in promoting the uptake of new fuels and technologies.

“Ammonia is a promising alternative fuel option – one that we have been working to enable for several years, including developing the notation for gas-fired ammonia,” said Flagstad-Andersen. “We are very proud to be part of NoGAPS and to work with an extremely strong group of stakeholders who have the experience, expertise and collaborative spirit to bring this innovative concept to life.

“The collaborative development of novel designs and the integration of safety cases are critical to the necessary maturation of the ammonia fuel pathway,” said Claus Winter Graugaard, Chief Technology Officer, Onboard Vessel Solutions at the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping. “NoGAPS is a leading example of this and shows the benefit of starting with ammonia as a fuel in the gas carrier segment.”

Before awarding the AiP, DNV reviewed the vessel design for compliance with its Gas Carrier Rules and the IGC Code, with a focus on the layout and systems related to cargo and fuel installation. The certification means that the design can be realized and that there are no significant obstacles to its realization.

The NoGAPS project was made possible by funding from the Nordic Innovation Fund and contributions in kind from consortium partners. The Danish Maritime Authority represents the flag and Breeze Ship Design acts as ship designer. NoGAPS is one of five projects funded by Nordic Innovation as part of its mission to decarbonize Nordic ports, sea and land transport of people and goods.

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