Disruption to rail operations outside of Ennore due to Indian Railways maintenance: Maersk advice

Global shipping company Maersk has announced that rail operations from Ennore in North Chennai to Concor Bengaluru and Marigold CFS in Bengaluru will be suspended from 1st April 2020.

As a result, the export units of the CHX Maersk Varna shipping service will be moved by rail, as the ship deadline is April 1, and it is planned to move the rake from Bengaluru on March 29 or 30.

Likewise, ME7 export units from Maersk Kalmar will be moved to Tondiarpet by rail and from there the line will adopt the same “road bridge” or transport these units directly from Bengaluru to Ennore by road, depending on volume and time.

For imports

CHX and ME7 import units are transported by road from Ennore to Tondiarpet, after which they are transported to Bengaluru by rail. The line said there might be delays with the usual transit.

The CHX and ME7 of the Marigold import unit will be kept at Ennore and will be relocated on March 8, when a priority unit can be moved by road, the advisory said.

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