Deugro establishes specialized heavy lift equipment company in India

Deugro established DHP Heavylift Solutions to operate own barges and specialized trailer equipment in India.

The initial investment relates to two barges and four Goldhofer heavy-duty trailer combinations, each with 6 axle lines (PST/SL-E), which will enable Deugro to participate significantly in the development of the emerging Indian market .

Deugro Projects (India) has become a market leader in project forwarding in India. Demanding, complex transports and projects with oversized loads (ODC) and heavy lift transports along the coast and inland have become daily business and always require unique transport solutions.

The smaller of the two barges will allow it to penetrate far into India’s inland waterway network, bringing significant benefits to customers.

India remains an emerging market with huge potential for the coming years and strong plans for a greener future. Investing in its own equipment underscores Deugro’s commitment to customers.

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